The New Office Manager

A few weeks ago I wrote about the stray cat who turned up at our home and eventually became the newest member of our family.

He has now been with us for about six weeks and rules over the dogs, the house and lately in my office too. Yesterday as I wanted to pack my laptop to go to work,he sat on the bag and refused to budge.

His eyes seemed to say :

” You can’t go away and leave me here. “

Paka office manager

Although he is still a young cat, about 9 to 12 months old, he never played. Life to him was a serious business and survival was first and foremost. Play was not an option. Lately however, he started becoming playful, trying to catch my knitting needles, stalking me if I walk down the passage and climbing trees for fun.

In the few weeks that he has been with us he became my shadow, following me everywhere I go when I am at home.

If I work in the garden, he plays around in the nearest tree, If I am in the kitchen, he sits and watches me intently as if he is trying to understand what I am doing.If I work on the computer, he lies on my lap, purring contentedly.

Paka office

I do not regret the day he turned up at our home and became my constant and faithful companion.

I trust he feels the same.