Walking Update15: What Is In A Name?

Kamieskroon, Leliesfontein, Karkhams, Paulshoek. 

All names of small settlements and towns on the wild flower route in Namaqualand.


These names seem to sing about legends and events of the past. How I would love to know the exact origins and events that gave rise to such colourful names.

This is what I could find.

The town Kamieskroon was initially known as Bowesville named after the district surgeon Dr Henry Bowes. The town was set in a narrow kloof with no place to expand. In 1924 the church council decided to rebuild the town and called it Kamieskroon. Kamies might derive from the Nama word ‘kam’, meaning two – referring to the twin peaks of the mountain. kamieskroon 1 Leliesfontein is Namaqualand’s oldest village and had its origins in a methodist mission community.  In 1902 Boer leader Manie Maritz massacred members of the Leliesfontein mission community that were suspected of being British sympathisers. In the present day one can still  set your watch to the sundial given to its 19th-century founder, Reverend Barnabas Shaw.


Karkhams  and Paulshoek are both very small settlements in the vicinity of Kamieskroon. I could not find much information on their origins, or the origins of these names. Maybe if we visit the area the locals might shed some light on it.

Enough of the dreaming and back to reality.

I can report that I made it to 15 minutes at a stretch on the treadmill this week and my sessions at Pilates are now one hour long.  Although my muscles let me know that I have been working I am slowly but surely getting stronger and able to do more at a time.