Saying Goodbye

Why goodbye?

I used to be just an ordinary woman who has been happily blogging about ordinary things untill life happened in the form of suicide of a spouse. Married for 32 years,and still I did not realize how ill my husband was and how deep his depression untill that fateful day when he made the decision  to end his own life with a single gunshot.

Having to deal with the suicide of a loved one must be one of the most traumatic and difficult things any human being has to face.

In the blink of an eye my whole life changed.

To enable me to deal with the aftermath of this experience, I will say goodbye to my former blog “purpleviolas” and move on to a new era with a new blog “daysingrey” as my days now all seem a uniform grey.

At present I live in a fog of unreality through which I have to wade slowly and painfully untill that day in future which I know and trust will come when the fog will lift and I can find a new normal as the old is gone forever.

For now I say goodbye to my friend purpleviolas and all who enjoyed being her friend and hallo to daysingrey who I hope will help me overcome this dark period in my life .

Maybe one day in future I will return to being “purpleviolas”.