Walking Update 17: Change of Plan

No more boring walking on the treadmill, while staring at a wall and dreaming of faraway places.

Now I am able to go walking with a friend. Together we decided to attempt our first walk of the new year in the beautiful  Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve.

On arrival at the gate we  had to sign in to ensure that we return safely. The first sight which greeted us was that of zebra tranquilly feeding on the green lawn surrounding the old farm house which is currently a restaurant and events venue.

The zebra seemed to be unaware and undisturbed by our presence allowing me near enough to take this photo.


This reserve  nestles in the foothills of the Moreleta Kloof  in the midst of suburban houses, shopping centres, businesses and schools. It is  92ha big and  home to various small game species including Springbuck, Zebra, Blesbok, Impala and Ostrich.  Walking routes have been marked out, catering for everyone from the Sunday stroller to avid hikers. The routes vary in length from 1.5 to 3.6 km showcasing all that the reserve has to offer

Today as it is our first walking attempt after a long time we decided to  take the 1.5 km route. We set out, armed with my camera, waterbottles and lots of enthusiasm. Soon we were huffing and puffing as the route took us on  a steep uphill curve ending at a lookout point complete with a bench for the weary. From here we could look down in the kloof. Over the trees and rolling hills, suburban houses peeped out in the distance.

The veld was full of flowering plants ranging from a startling purple to yellow and soft creamy flowers.

stap 8

We  saw  the indigenous  suikerbos bearing these beautiful flowers etched against the bright blue sky.

stap 3

On the downward path we encountered more zebra, blesbok, ostrich and a tortoise feeding on the lush green grass.

stap 7

The route took us across the Rademeyers Spruit through a dense wooded area and curved back to end at the old farmstead. Here  we rewarded ourselves with a cool refreshing juice for me and coffee for my friend, sitting on the wide verandah in the cooling breeze.

We will definitely be back for more and longer walks and count ourselves blessed for having discovered this gem in the city.