The L List: On the Wild Side

No, it is not what you might be thinking!

In March 2013, I made and updated Living List. One of the living things to do on my list was to go on a trip with my only sister with no children or husbands allowed.

Finally more than a year later it happened.


On an ordinary Monday morning we packed her little car and headed east towards the Tsitsikamma National Park. A journey which should have taken us two hours lasted four! We meandered along slowly, enjoying the sights and beauty of the South African Garden Route.

Neither of us has been this far east on the coast of our beautiful country before and we marveled at the diverse and ever changing landscape as we traveled along.

We reached the Tsitsikamma National Park which forms part of the Garden Route where we were to stay for four days.

The Park stretches along 80 kms of coastline with parts being in the Western Cape and parts in the Eastern Cape.  The name “Tsitsikamma” is derived  from the Khoekhoe language tse-tsesa, meaning “clear”, and gami, meaning “water”, probably referring to the clear water of the Tsitsikamma River.Other meanings are ‘place of much water’ and ‘waters begin’. The Tsitsikamma is a coastal reserve with pristine indigenous forests and a dramatic coastline where the breakers of the atlantic ocean crash relentlessly against the rocks.


Our cabin was situated on the beach, with the most amazing view of the sea. From the verandah we could watch the sunrise, the waves crashing against the rocks and mists rolling in ominously to remind us of the power of the ocean.





The four days spent here, proved to be a time of rest, a time to strengthen our relationship, to rejuvenate our bodies and souls as we flowed with the rhythm of the sea, sun and the ever changing landscape.

I would love to come back again, but nothing will compare to the awe experienced at the first sight of this magnificent place.

Truly a little on the wild side, but oh so beautiful !






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