The Voice I Love

Two weeks ago.

He lies with eyes closed and his back to the door when we enter the room. He has just returned from hospital and is very weak. He is 95 years old.

She greets him with a soft voice asking how he is feeling.

His weak response is ” That’s the voice I love”   

This response symbolises and illustrates their relationship and their marriage of 70 years for me. He is my late fathers’ only living relative and at the age of 95, his wife still is foremost in his mind.

Age kiss

Last night he passed away to join others who have gone before him. His passing marks the end of an era, the end of a family of six brothers and sisters, leaving only the younger generation to carry the memories and cherish the good times we all had together.

He was a gentle man.

Tall, with the same piercing blue eyes that my father had. An artist and attorney who painted until late in his eighties.  Generous and loving, yet with a core of strength and a strong will.

In their younger days people found it difficult to distinguish between the two brothers, much to their amusement. They shared the same humor, the same looks, and many other character traits which made them uniquely who they were.

Both died at the age of 95 years after living long and full lives. Both leave a legacy of love, of lives lived well and with integrity. Lives that will live on in the memories of their children and grandchildren. Both died leaving us with the knowledge that they lived in relationship with Jesus Christ and that they will meet again in heaven.

We mourn you both, but rejoice in the fact that we have known you and had the priviledge to love you and be loved by you, to learn from you and follow in your footsteps.

Today we have to say goodbye, but we know your memory will live on untill we meet again.

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One thought on “The Voice I Love

  1. A loving and sensitive tribute to your uncle. The photograph of him and his wife of 70 years is just beautiful. How wonderful that he lived such a long and happy life filled with love.

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