Ubuntu, Telkom help ?

” Yes Mam , but remember Ubuntu , we must be good to one another “, meaning  to strive to help people in the spirit of service, to show respect to others and to be honest and trustworthy.


These were the  parting words and answer to my angry questions of the 5th, or was it maybe the 6th Telkom technician when he left my home after yet another failed attempt to install an internet and telephone line.

He had spent exactly 15 minutes in the house, tested the line, declared it faulty and said he would report it.

Report it?

It has been reported repeatedly by the other technicians who visited me over the past two months.

Every visit was by a different technician, but the approach was the same. Test the line, go outside, look where the overhead line is running, shake a head, shrug a shoulder, declare :

“I have to gain access the pole, but the pole is in another property and the people are not there.”

Rush off in the white van with the blue Telkom sign and disappear, never to be heard of again untill I receive the next sms  commanding me to be available all day on a certain date for the installation.

In between I phone the Telkom Call Centre every day enquiring about the status of my order. I hear all the right answers, get order numbers and even after much complaining an escalation number. Still no Telkom line, but many smses, including  one declaring that the order has been completed.

By this time Ubuntu has flown the coop and only irritation at the lack of communication and competency remained.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but it boils down to the fact that  between the first visit of a Telkom technician and the day my service was eventually installed nothing has been done. The underground cable which was declared faulty on the first day was still faulty, the overhead line was still the same as the first day, the pole where it had to be connected never visited.

What happened to all the reports, all the visits, all my calls, all the smses, all the time and money spent in vain?

To top my Telkom woes, when the line was eventually installed, I could only receive incoming calls. After more phone calls to the call centre it was found that the number was linked to a closed account in stead of a new account, hence no  service available. Another two hours spent on the phone, being sent from one person to the other and at last I had a working telephone line and internet connection.

Now I think I have to put the phone into a locked and gilded cage lest it disappears again!












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