When Blah Blah Become Words.

Words amaze me.

Often when standing in the supermarket queue , I listen to conversations around me. Because I live in South Africa with 11 official languages it is inevitable that I would not always understand the conversation.

If I listen long enough and allow the words to  swirl around me filling my consciousness with sound, it becomes music. It has phrases and intonations. It has soft sounds speaking of tenderness and love. It has playful sounds telling a story of people who know one another well enough to tease and laugh together. It has dark harsh sounds warning of danger and anger. It has melancholy sounds expressing sadness and loss.

Sounds like an orchestral symphony?

Yes and if I listen long enough some of the blah blah will become meaningful and then it is called words.

Sometimes as I try to write about life, I can’t find the words to express how I feel. Then I read the post  by  Botteldworder,  Simple Word Love  and realised releasing the words flying around in my mind and emotions is to allow them to live.

How often do we not keep our words expressing how we feel captive, allowing them to die and become noxious matter in our minds untill that day when they break out of the cage and cause havoc in our own and the lives of others. Maybe I release the words and feelings today and it sounds like blah blah to another, but one day, maybe one day, it will gain meaning and become words bringing healing or joy or sadness to the reader.

Even if  no one reads my words,even if it is just blah blah to others, it sets me free to watch the words fly away taking  my thoughts and feelings with them.


3 thoughts on “When Blah Blah Become Words.

  1. When I was struggling so to learn Mandarin and we were in Taiwan, I would do just that. quietly listen to all the worlds swirling about me. Unfortunately it never “took.” I wasn’t there long enough. I like the idea of releasing the words in your head to let them live.

  2. I live in Texas where there is no official language, and large populations of different languages. I too like to stand in line at the grocery store or post office and listen to the languages swirling around me. I don’t understand many of the words, but I like to listen to the tone and imagine their words, whether they are telling a joke, exchanging greetings, arguing (although that one is often hard to tell) or expressing grief.

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