Wide Eye Wednesday 3 : Moments That Take Our Breath Away


Exactly one year ago I moved into my new home.

At the time,  every day was a different shade of grey. Sometimes the grey was so dark it was almost black.  I couldn’t see the light through the grey mist which enveloped me. Every action I took was taken with a foggy mind.

The house was bought on a Sunday afternoon, barely 10 days after my husband’s death. The children scouted for possibilities and then took me to see the places. This one was the last stop on that Sunday afternoon and I could immediately see myself living here. It had everything we needed. Enough space so that the children could visit, but not too big for me to live in alone. No stairs as I plan on growing old in the house and no pool to be looked after. A garden with lots of possibilities, but not too big for me to manage.

Without any further thought I signed the contract and felt peace enveloping me. This hasty decision turned out to be the right one. During the past 12 months the house has become a home, a place of refuge and rest. A place where I could begin to heal and make new memories for me and my family. Thinking back, I realise  the moment I signed the contract was  one of those taking my breath away ones. l now see God’s timing and provision as we were the first people to view the house after it came onto the market.

The garden was neat but very impersonal. I set out to change and transform the garden into a place I could enjoy. Many happy hours were spent gardening and it is slowly taking shape, becoming my own.

Home 2 One of the best parts of my home is  the covered veranda. As we have wonderful sunny weather in Pretoria almost year round, it quickly became the heart of the home. A place where many meals were eaten, many thoughts were thought, even some lonely tears were shed.

Home 1

I leave you with this promise Jesus made in Matthew 6 :26 

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you can add a single hour to this life? 

So let us thank God for the breathtaking moments He gives us and trust him with our lives, even in the worst possible circumstances.

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