Living In The Chicken Lane

On this last day of 2014 I woke up very early. Lying in bed I reflected on the past year. This image taken on my recent visit to Dar es Salaam to visit my children who live there came to mind.

Notice the car coming straight at us from the opposite side?

We were in the chicken lane. IMG_5438In this very busy part of the city the road has three lanes. The middle one is known as the chicken lane. This lane is not designated to a specific direction. The most courageous driver who gives way last has the right of way. Hence the chicken lane.

Looking back on the year 2014, it seems as if  I was living in the chicken lane of life for the most part. It was a year of many challenges which needed to be faced head on and with courage. After 32 years of marriage I had to adjust to life on my own. Small everyday problems which previously I didn’t even think about were suddenly my responsibility.

A toolbox  and a ladder became my friends in need helping me fix those unexpected small household breakages. A tap stuck in the open position spewing water everywhere left me and my daughter soaked to the bone on a cold Sunday morning. After much laughter and scrambling to find the main shutdown point we triomfantly waved the spanner in the air. We fixed it!

Then there was the day the electrical garage door refused to open leaving me with an appointment to keep and a car in a locked garage with no way of opening the door. Why didn’t you open the door manually you might think. Well I thought so too, but the opening mechanism was damaged in such a way that it was  impossible. A few phone calls later, I  made contact with a young man who was to become a friend always ready to help  ” Tannie Martie ” in need.  At a price of course.

On another day I reversed out of my garage in a hurry to leave for work. I tried to change gears, only to find the car stubbornly refused to go anywhere but backwards. There I was in morning traffic, frantically trying to move my car out of the way in reverse. Needles to say it caused much embarrassment and frustration.

On a more serious note, the past year taught me life is filled with chicken lane moments. Each one of us has to face our own chicken lane in life. Sometimes only we know about that moment as we face it alone.

However if we trust in God we do not have to face the chicken lane of life alone, for as the psalmist David said in  Psalm 18 : 29  

With your help I can advance against a troop, with my God I can scale a wall.

Therefore I will face living in the life’s chicken lane in the new year with confidence for I do not have to be alone.

How do you face your chicken lane moments?

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