Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering


Marine mussels usually clump together to help them withstand the force of waves crashing against the rocks. I found this piece of rope with many mussels both large and small clumped together and living in harmony while their mobile home is washed around by the waves of the ocean.

May families and friends learn from these sea creatures and use the festive period to strengthen bonds and gather together in order to become strong enough to withstand the inevitable waves of life.



Weekly Photo Challenge:Kitty Oops


While I was shopping yesterday, I saw the most beautiful fresh salad displayed in such a way that the patterns they formed were irresistible.

I promptly bought two to photograph at home.

I set up a rather precariously balanced scene to capture. My cat thought it the perfect toy and swiped at it with his paw just as I took the picture.

I stead of the beautiful patterns I thought to capture, I captured the back of the container.

The cat picture


The planned picture IMG_9053