Weekly photo Challenge: Vibrant


A vibrant mural found in the small town of Clarens




Vibrant colours and patterns in material from Tanzania kitenge 4a





“Do Not Quarrel Along The Way”

These were Joseph’s final words to his brothers as he sent them back to Israel from Egypt. He knew,they would leave and blame one another for events in the past. Genesis 45:24.

When we read the story of Joseph and his brothers in the Bible, there are so many intrigues and events that we miss these  important last words. I definitely did until a friend made me aware of it and pointed out that we quarrel with others along the way without thinking about the consequences.

I thought about past quarrels in my life and to my shame came to the conclusion that most quarrels are rooted in selfishness. My desires or expectations were not met, my will didn’t take precedence, my ideas were put aside. Sometimes we can’t even remember what triggered the quarrel, but we hang onto our indignation and feelings of righteousness. In the meantime we loose so much.

Winston Churchill said: If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.

We loose a future of  being together with siblings and other family members. We loose a future of sharing each other’s joys, achievements, triumphs,  losses, sorrows and even defeats.  We loose laughing together, building memories together and crying together.

In quarreling with strangers or passing acquaintances, we loose gaining new friends, we loose learning from others, we loose companionship and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Life is so short and as the psalmist said in Psm.144:4 ; Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.

Who knows if we will have another day to make our peace with those we quarreled with along the way?  Another day to enjoy each other’s company, another day to do something meaningful for someone else, another day to learn from each other.

Therefore let us try to live in peace with people around us, make peace with those that we quarreled with and avoid losing the future waiting for us.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic: Singing in the Rain

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In South Africa we are in the grip of the worst drought in 30 years. Water has always been in short supply in this country. Therefore rain and even the promise of rain is a great reason for optimism. After one of the hottest December months I can remember with temperatures reaching up to  45° C, it finally started raining in middle January.

As always the ability of nature to recover amazed me, Fields and gardens that lay parched in the sun suddenly burst forth in colour  and I felt like singing in the rain.

reenboog 3



And So It Begins

” IT ”

What is IT?

IT is retirement, defined as withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or from active working life.Sounds terrible if put into words like this.

These thoughts caused me to seriously consider the rest of my life. In August 2012, I made my first L List. Instead of a bucket list I called it the L List with the L short for living, laughing and loving. Now with a new beginning in front of me, it is time to review and adjust the list.

Life didn’t pass me by during the past three years.There were  difficult times, desperate times, good times and the just so times.

I had to adjust many of my expectations and dreams for the future. In some ways this turned out to be good as I had to rethink who I am and what I want to do with the rest of my life. On the other hand, there are many might have beens, which I had to let go.

Now it is time to live, love and laugh  even more.

Although I know that I don’t have control over all events  in my life, I also know that I have certain choices.

The choice to sit back and let life wash over me, or to change that which I can.

The choice to plan ahead and to never stop learning and developing as a person, or to stagnate and stay where I am.

The choice to stay young at heart and to enjoy life.

The choice to try new things even if I fail, or to forever wonder what it would have been like.

In the light of the above, here are some changes to the original list.

L  is for learning

Learning french still is high on the list for this year. After a year I mastered some very elementary french. Now I am ready to try the next level and will continue attending classes. Maybe even attend french classes in Provence. Hopefully when I return to the class all will not be blah blah blah anymore.

L is for living.

This year travelling is high on my living list. First for a short visit to Italy and France and later in the year to fulfill a dream of many years, I plan to return to France and stay for a longer period of time. ( Hope I will have the courage to do so. )

Finish writing those stories from my childhood.

Live healthy life  with lots of excercise and healthy eating habits.

Sort out and get rid of unnecessary stuff.


L is for loving.

Loving my family and friends in more practical ways.

Strengthening  friendships old and new, no more excuses such as I don’t have enough time.

Loving and building a relationship with my grandson.

L is for laughing

Find something to laugh at everyday.

Find someone to laugh with everyday .

Laugh more at myself and my own silly mistakes.

Laugh at life’s small disasters.

Now it is time to take the first steps into “IT” and to live, love, laugh everyday.