“Do Not Quarrel Along The Way”

These were Joseph’s final words to his brothers as he sent them back to Israel from Egypt. He knew,they would leave and blame one another for events in the past. Genesis 45:24.

When we read the story of Joseph and his brothers in the Bible, there are so many intrigues and events that we miss these  important last words. I definitely did until a friend made me aware of it and pointed out that we quarrel with others along the way without thinking about the consequences.

I thought about past quarrels in my life and to my shame came to the conclusion that most quarrels are rooted in selfishness. My desires or expectations were not met, my will didn’t take precedence, my ideas were put aside. Sometimes we can’t even remember what triggered the quarrel, but we hang onto our indignation and feelings of righteousness. In the meantime we loose so much.

Winston Churchill said: If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.

We loose a future of  being together with siblings and other family members. We loose a future of sharing each other’s joys, achievements, triumphs,  losses, sorrows and even defeats.  We loose laughing together, building memories together and crying together.

In quarreling with strangers or passing acquaintances, we loose gaining new friends, we loose learning from others, we loose companionship and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

Life is so short and as the psalmist said in Psm.144:4 ; Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.

Who knows if we will have another day to make our peace with those we quarreled with along the way?  Another day to enjoy each other’s company, another day to do something meaningful for someone else, another day to learn from each other.

Therefore let us try to live in peace with people around us, make peace with those that we quarreled with and avoid losing the future waiting for us.