Weekly Photo Challenge Numbers: Telling a Story

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Numbers often convey the origin of a place or time  when a certain event took place. They can tell the story how many people attended an event or can be accommodated in a space.  Numbers indicate where we live, who we are and how to contact us. They play and have played an important role in the history of the world and will continue to do so, maybe even more.

I saw these numbers on a church tucked away behind the Doge’s Palace in Venice and read later that his was the first church built as the private  chapel for the Doge in the year 829 . It was destroyed and rebuilt many times but I couldn’t find the meaning of these numbers.

Maybe the date of a later rebuild?


IMG_9874 numbers

The smallest cinema which is still operating is in the Borghese Gardens in Rome. It seats 80 people and is known as Cinema Del Piccoli.