Weekly Photo Challenge: Pre-historic Monster?

Rare In the Garden

I was watering a rose bush one afternoon when I found him sitting on the rosebush. This was the first and only time that I saw such a giant grasshopper in my garden.He was about 10 cm long and stared at me like some pre-historic monster.

Later I learnt that it was a toxic milkweed grasshopper, or an african bush grasshopper.

IMG_4351 garden

sprinkaan ed


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pre-historic Monster?

  1. Strange that I picked your Rare post first. In High school, I collected those grasshoppers for us to dissect in biology class. They are very smelly too!
    When I saw the Jacarandas I had a look at your About page and Whala- you are from Pretoria! Interesting coincidence I must say. I grew up just outside Pta.

    1. Hi There, Thanks for visiting my post. How nice to have a comment from a fellow South African en nog ‘n afrikaans sprekende ook , het jou afrikaanse blog gesien sal weer n’ draai maak. Lekker stap en blog.

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