Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek,Finding the Queen


We were visiting Lucerne in Switzerland. While walking along the well known Chapel Bridge, I saw it, a white castle beckoning from afar. It sat on top of a hill like a queen watching over the city. The queen is called Chateau Gütch and is presently a hotel which can only be accessed by funicular from below.

IMG_3165 ed

We immediately decided to visit. Keeping our eyes on the beckoning queen we walked and walked and walked until at last we found ourselves at the foot of the hill where she sat.

There we were confronted by a solid brick wall with no instructions as to how to find the entrance. We stood around until other visitors arrived who were just as lost as we were.

At last we figured out that we had to enter through an obscure door around the corner where we found the funicular which would take us up to the castle. It was so near but yet so far.

IMG_3168 ed

And there she was.


By this time we were parched and hungry, so we had a most delightful lunch on the terrace. Sitting there with an ice cold glass of wine and a 380 degree view of Lucerne, I felt like the richest woman on earth.

IMG_3171 ed

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