Just an ordinary woman 50 plus plus, actually almost 60 evolving from writing a diary to blogging.

Professionally A Speech Language Therapist, personally, a wife, mother, friend and secretly, a frustrated creative.

This blog is a fun way to express myself, to be creative, to communicate thoughts I might never have said out loud. It gives me a way to communicate with children and family who live far away, while at the same time giving them the choice to read or not to read.

IMG_6510 M crop ed

Home is living in the the eastern suburbs of Pretoria with my two cats.

Spring in Pretoria October
Spring in Pretoria October

Living in South Africa, life has its challenges but I love this country with all its diversity and changing landscapes, of which I will share here.

So join me in this venture of everyday thoughts on life,venting feelings, keeping busy by reading, being creative and travelling .

PS. Since first writing the about page life didn’t pass me by and brought drastic changes. My husband passed away in a particularly tragic way, causing me to go through a period of no blogging while coming to terms with the loss.

Now in January 2014, I must force myself to join the  mainstream of life again and so here I am, ready to share my thoughts, my changed life and my efforts to build a new normal in new circumstances.

In short I have to start living loving and laughing again.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I am another ordinary woman placing my thoughts down in my blog. I stopped to read your “About” page and was moved by your description of your husband’s death. I am, of course, so sorry to read such terribly sad news. How does one get through something like this? It may be that blogging will be a source of comfort for you. I know it helps me cope with life’s difficulties. My best to you. — Barbara

  2. I come because you are featured for Cee’s challenge. I stay because I have found a very nice person who takes great photos.
    Have a wonderful day… everyday 😉

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