Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny, Elephants in the Sky

Ooh, Shiny!  

Thinking about the question what would distract me and cause me to stop that which I am busy with, I immediately thought about clouds. I always see clouds and will even stop while driving to look at interesting clouds. Here are a few.

An elephant in the sky, here now, but gone in an instant as air currents blow the cloud formation apart.

IMG_1266 olifant

Sunrays through the clouds


Setting sun colour clouds

IMG_1336X ray of lungs?




Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures


I took these pictures while walking across the Mill Bridge In Lucerne Switzerland. This wooden bridge is the original dating from the 16th century and was part of the city’s  fortification. Citizens of the town crossed the bridge daily. The wood is old and weathered and in my mind’s eye I could almost hear the sounds of swords, voices and wagons. . This part of the bridge is wider to allow wagons access to it.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta Technology Change


On a recent visit to the Science and Technology museum In Milan Italy , the beauty of  a picture of the Nile Delta in Africa from outerspace caught my eye. It looks like an artwork with warm colours signifying the heat in that area of the world, browns showing the sandy desert and blues water and cooler areas. Only change and transition in development of technology can allow images like this to be rendered .

IMG_3827 ed

On the other side of the technology spectrum, I took this photo of a hundreds year old weir system in Luzern. When snow melts on the Alpine mountains in summer the river Reuss becomes swolen with melted snow causing a flood hazard to villages further down the river. This wooden weir system today still controls the amounts of water flowing down the river.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient, Art on the Sidewalk.

Transient means a state or situation which changes quickly, or a person moving from place to place without settling in one place.

These paragliders seen on Mount Pilatus Switzerland represent transient to me as they must experience a short period of extreme adrenaline and excitement while practicing their sport



He draws on the sidewalk everyday  earning a little bit of money from passersby. His art however is not permanent it can be washed away by rain or damaged by people walking over it.   Photo taken in Siena Italy IMG_3608