Fifty Nine going on Sixty ! Thoughts on Aging

Yes not sixteen going on seventeen anymore, but fifty nine on the way to sixty and yet not feeling any older.

Many times before I heard older people say :” I still feel the same as when I was 20, or 25″  or whatever age they named. To be honest I never believed them. How can you not feel older if the evidence is so clear? I could see the wrinkles, the greying hair, the failing eyesight, the slowing movements and the increasing pillbottles in the medicine cupboard. Clear evidence of the passing of time.

Now here I am. Fifty nine years old, still feeling the same emotions and still wanting to experience life and all it has to offer to the full.

Do I mind growing older? Off course I do. Who  enjoys the  aches and pains in joints, the searching for glasses before being able to read simple things such as a label on a product in a store, finding the first grey hairs or feeling the effects after  going for a long walk and working in the garden.

On the other hand though growing older has its advantages. I enjoy being comfortable with who I am, not having to explain myself or prove my worth .  I definitely don’t miss the uncertainty of youth and especially not the social scene of searching for a soulmate to spend the rest of my life with.

I love  memories of times gone by when the  children were young and I discovered the world through their eyes. I don’t miss the many hours I spent waiting for them in the car outside school or extracurricular activities, nor do I regret it. One of the greatest rewards for me is seeing how my children developed into well adjusted young adults.

With more time on my hands, I can now focus again on activities that I enjoy such as reading, gardening, attempting creative projects, practising writing skills by blogging and even taking an afternoon nap!

As sixty is said to be the new forty, I look forward to new experiences and learning new skills. I will embrace this new phase of life with enthusiasm and make the most of every day that is granted to me.

Therefore I agree with  Mark Twain who said :“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”


When the dogs bite, when the bees sting when I’m feeling sad

I simply remember  my favourite things  and then I don’t feel so bad.

One of my earliest memories is of lying on the bed with my mother while she is reading to me and my sister from my favourite childhood book, Stories van Rivierplaas ( Stories of a Riverfarm) By Alba Bouwer

Stories van Rivierplaas

The author’s use of alliteration and rythm in her writing evoked the most vivid pictures in my imagination of two little girls, one with dark hair and one with white blond hair running through the long ,yellow, dry veld grass of an African farm to play at the river. In my mind’s eye I could see the little blond and black heads bobbing just above the grass as they ran along and I wished I could join them.

I could hear the sound of Aia Mietie working and singing in and around the house with her bangles going cling-aling- aling and her long dress and broom swish swishing as she cleaned. I could taste and smell the putupap rolled into little balls with her fingers and dipped into sheshewa which she ate sitting  with her legs stretched straight out before her in the sun next to the house. All this while lying on the bed with my mother on a cold highveld winter’s day.

The book has long since been lost in the business of living, but being a human being I  was blessed with a wonderful thing called a memory. A sound, a taste, sight or smell, can  in an instant trigger the wonderful memories that form the tapestry of life. Therefore I long ago made the decision  if I have a choice, I would rather buy an experience to enjoy with loved ones and friends, giving me more memories to add to the allready existing files in my brain than another material object which can be lost in many ways.