Retired Workbench Renewed

When we moved from our previous home, I was on the verge of throwing away this old workbench,which belonged to my father and was used by him on his farm.

At the very last moment I could not do it and with great difficulty it was included in my move and brought to my new city home.

Now as it is winter time in our region and  there is no rain, I tackled the job of cleaning, sanding and remodelling it into a potting bench for my backyard.


DPP_0081 crop

After a  visit to the local paint expert and shop, I came away armed with the necessary paint, brushes and sealing for the task.

First the sanding.


I started off sanding by hand but soon thought this is going to take way too long. So I decided to try my hand at using my late husband’s  electrical belt sander. As I don’t even know how to switch it on, Google was consulted and armed with new knowledge I tackled the task.  Little did I realise it is not as easy as it sounds and looks.

In the first place the sander is quite heavy and I could barely lift it up. Determination however  was stronger than common sense and  after a few stops and starts I was sanding away happily. Untill…… I hit a nail. Disaster struck and pieces of sanding belt flew into the air, the machine made a horrible noise and I got the fright of my life. This put and end to sanding with the electrical tool and the rest had to be done patiently by hand.

After thoroughly sanding and cleaning all the dirt from the wood, I painted the whole workbench with a light grey paint. Two layers some  more sanding and I was ready to tackle the bench vice. In order to celebrate its retirement form work, I decided to paint it a bright turquoise to match the colours on a mosaic chair which I wanted to use with the bench.



A few splotches of the colour on the grey, more sanding and it was ready for the final coat of varnish to ensure that it is waterproof as it is going to be left outside.

Then came the fun part.

I want to use the bench mainly for growing herbs to be used when cooking,So after a visit to the nursery I planted celery, oreganum, salad greens and parsley. A well established rosemary plant was moved to its new home, some other essentials stored on the bench and here is the final product.

I am sure I will add more plants as time goes by, but the whole process gave me many hours of fun .