Flying Over the Cuckoo’s Nest !

Early Sunday morning.

A harried, tired looking middle aged woman parks her car in front of the local supermarket  and enters the store at a run. She grabs a trolley and starts loading groceries into it. She needs ingredients for Sunday lunch for her family and  most importantly a new iron as the old one finally joined a row of others sitting cold and uselessly in the  laundry cupboard.

In record time she is at the cashier and pays her shopping. With a sigh of relief she heads towards the exit, thinking only one more errand to do. She stops at the in store ATM to draw cash.  She turns around to finally go home .


Staring reproachfully at her is an empty trolley.  No shopping.

Did you see what happened. Someone swopped my full trolley for the empty one while I was not looking ” She shouts at a nearby security guard standing like a statue behind his little desk.

I see nothing”  he replies.

You are a security guard you should be watching !”  she shouts, feeling a mixture of panic, anger and tears welling up like a fountain inside her.

I don’t look I only watch my desk ” comes the sullen reply from the security guard.

She grabs the empty trolley and pushes it furiously towards the customer care counter while scrabbling inside her handbag for the cashier’s slip.

Ah found it! Clutching the only proof that she had just bought a substantial amount of goods from the store, she impatiently joins the queue at the customer care counter. She debates with herself, should she phone her husband  for help or should she try to solve the problem on her own?

Then a tap on her shoulder.

Is this your trolley madam?” another sullen voice asks. She looks and is flooded with relief.It is her trolley filled with bulging shopping bags.

Where did you find it ?” she asks

You left it and took the empty trolley,”  comes the reply.

Why didn’t you call me ? ” she asks.

“I knew you would come back for it ” is the only reply she gets before the woman walks away.

Is that possible she thinks, it was the end of a particularly difficult week, but would she do such a thoughtless thing?

Yes , You guessed right the woman is me and I feel as if I flew over the cuckoo’s nest and barely missed landing in it!

My loyal husband and children are of the opinion that I might have been the victim of a  clever robbery attempt.

Me? I have my doubts. Maybe I was heading for the cuckoo’s nest.

What do you think?