The ABC’s That Drive Winter From Home and Heart

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home – Edith Sitwell.

Many times I have heard people say” I hate winter “

Yes, we may not like winter, but lets be realistic, winter is inevitable and even necessary in the greater scheme of things.

These are the things that drive winter from home and heart for me.

A : Apples, my favourite fruit which is available  in abundance and fresh juiciness in winter.

B : Books, curling up with a good book in a sunny corner or in bed on a wintry Sunday 5

       Bed, how for  lucky we are if we have a warm bed to sleep in at night.

C:  Coffee, curling my hands around a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate watching the steam rising from the surface.

Comforters, the snug feeling a comforter gives when curled up underneath watching a favourite TV show.

D     Doing, winter is a time for doing and keeping busy.

Knitting , crocheting, quilting all can be done while enjoying a sunny corner in the house.

E    Eating comfort foods with family and friends.

F   Clarens 7 Family, friends and fire,appreciate family and friends and their companionship everyday.

G   Google, sitting in bed with friend google, travelling to warmer climates in the virtual world.

H   Helping hands. Nothing warms the heart more than giving from our own abundance.

I    Instant communication with technology. No need to feel lonely if we have skype,cell phones and email.

J   Jam, the taste of sweet fruit  jam on warm toast.

K  Knitting, the feeling of soft wool slowly taking on shape and becoming a pair of mittens  scarf or throw.cableknit 3

L  Learning, learning new skills, the feeling of accomplishment on learning to do something never done before. I learnt to knit a cable pattern this winter.

M  More of all the above.

N No winter whining, look at this webpage

O  Oranges, eating a sweet juicy orange somewhere alone in a sunny corner.

P  Pets, cuddling with the cat in bed on a cold morning.paka 2

 Q  Quotes, reading famous quotes inspires to better writing and living.

 R  Reading, letting myself be whisked away from the harsh reality of a cold winter by reading a good book. My current read is And the Mountains Echoed by Khaleid Hosseini.

S  Scarves, winding a soft warm scarf around my neck before going out in the   cold.DSC0769serp blog 5

T  Tea, sharing a cup of tea with someone special in a fine china teacup.

U  Under, snuggling under a duvet and under a pile of good reads.

W  Writing blogposts e mails and newsletters.

X  Kisses, and hugs the warmth of an affectionate hug from an old friend.

DSC07653Y  Anything else.

Z  zzzzzzzz sleep Spring will inevitably follow winter and everything and everyone will be renewed.