Walking Update 18: Progress

Tuesday afternoon and time for our weekly walking date.

The starting point with beautiful antelope peacefully eating



Since my previous update, we progressed to taking the longer route of 3.6km. Still not very far, you might think.  However as this route circles up a hill, down through a wooded area, uphill again then down a very steep incline over rocks and through ditches it is not  an easy stroll. We set out armed with walking sticks to help us over the rocky patches. After all we are not so young anymore!



We saw this fungus growing on a tree stump deep in the wooded area.




The route took us about an hour to complete. I ended up wanting to join this zebra who was having his afternoon siesta on the green lawn near the restaurant

Walking Update 12: Still In The Armchair

Fish Eagle in the Hluleka Reserve
Fish Eagle in the Hluleka Reserve

Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape. That is where I last reported walking.

In the meantime life happened and I am still in the armchair, recuperating from a foot operation.

This did not prevent me from doing research and deciding where my next destination will be. I found these wonderful pictures which again inspired me and whet my appetite to visit this beautiful part of our country soon.

The Hluleka Reserve is situated about 20km from Port St Johns on the East Coast of South Africa.  It consists of a diverse range of eco systems, ranging from rocky seashores, golden beaches, lagoons and lush forests of quinine, coral, stink ebony and Natal fig trees . The main attraction of the reserve to nature lovers, is the abundance of birdlife which can be seen in the reserve.

There are seven seven double-storey wooden chalets each with a loft room that offers from-your- bed views of the Indian Ocean, a fully equipped kitchen and a lounge leading onto a long balcony overlooking the  rocky coastline, rolling hills, thick bush and changing tides.

Chalet in Hluleka Reserve
Chalet in Hluleka Reserve

Information and photo from :Hluleka  http: //blog.getaway.co.za/travel-ideas/places-to-stay/hluleka-nature-reserve-chalets-eastern-cape/

I trust that in a few weeks time I can resume my walking programme , but in the meantime I can enjoy the wonders of our country by letting my fingers do the walking on the internet.

Walking Update 4

Can’t believe it is already week 4 and I still keep going on the treadmill. This is an all time record for me and I am so happy to find that committing to blogging about my progress keeps me going!

The logo above had me so intrigued that I made a detour inland to visit this delightful outdoor market,which is held every first Sunday of the month. It is a art, craft and produce market  and is a popular breakfast destination among the people of the East London area. In my mind’s eye I joined them for a lovely breakfast  under the trees before continuing onwards towards the Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve which was my next goal.

The Inkwenkwezi Game Reserve was started by two brothers and the name means  “under the stars”.  The big five game can be seen in the reserve and with it being adjacent to the coast it is possible to spot whales as well.

Read more here : Inkwenkwezi Private game Reserve  

Inkwenkwezi is a popular wedding destination and offers various outdoor activities such as hiking, quadbiking, elephant encounters and  game drives.

 After 4 weeks, I am here 

After 4 weeks I am here!